Our Experience

Over 30 years of Experience

Veterans Administration
Over 17 years of Experience

Currently subcontracted through Data Network Corporation (DNC), we have worked with previous incumbent contractors dating back to Federal Data Corporation (FDC) through Northrop Grumman Corporation. ISC has long provided technical support to the Data Architecture division which supports the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) as well as the Architecture, Strategy & Design (ASD) division. ISC developed the RFAC (Request for Architecture Change) system which supports change management for the VBA Corporate database. We configured the VBA Corporate database model using Oracle Designer and developed numerous web applications that allow developers to view the VBA Corporate model. ISC will be supporting the migration of the VBA Corporate database repository from Oracle Designer to a new modeling tool. We also provide continual database administration and development support to VBA.

Previously, ISC had re-engineered and developed the Data Architecture Repository (DAR) in its current incarnation. DAR is an enterprise repository of metadata. We worked closely with DAR customer base (including groups within VHA) to make DAR an invaluable tool.

Merit Based Employee Compensation Systems
Over 16 years of Experience

ISC has long been on the SRA team for developing and supporting merit-based compensation systems and demonstration projects. These web-based applications support the process for assessing and appraising employees to formulate compensation measures such as raises and bonuses appropriate to the performance of the employee. Starting with Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH, and their Laboratory Demonstration (LabDemo) project along with the Acquisition Demonstration (AcqDemo) project currently sponsored by the Defense Acquisition University, ISC has been supporting SRA and their customers providing specialized expertise and skilled manpower for specialized tasks such as Oracle programming and web-based development. As a valued member of the SRA team, we have provided continual support in addition to ramping up additional personnel as needed for short term efforts with additional government customers such as U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Army's Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC). ISC staff have received numerous accolades from SRA management and government clients for our support and dedication.

Treasury Communications Systems (TCS)
Over 7 years of Experience

As part of a subcontracting team to Northrop Grumman on the U.S. Department of Treasury's Treasury Communications System (TCS) contract, ISC has helped build and maintain the Treasury communications network for over 7 years. ISC performed business process reengineering and redesign of the TCS warehouse management and network billing system. During the architecture design phase, we supported the documentation of the current and future systems by conducting and documenting use case scenarios, and evaluating GOTS, COTS and open source tools to be used on the project. We also helped build, test, and deploy the new web-based warehouse and billing system. Additionally, we supported Northrop Grumman in streamlining the telecommunication billing system to ensure that the Treasury departments are being billed for the services and equipment they use and rent. Automating the billing process saved Treasury many hours of processing time and validating the telecommunication vendor bills saved Treasury millions of dollars. During this process, we were part of the Northrop Grumman team that uncovered millions of dollars being incorrectly billed by Sprint and other telecommunication vendors for services no longer used.

Treasury's Government Security Operations Center (GSOC)
Over 2 years of Experience

Treasury Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) GSOC ensures that the federal and departmental security requirements are being addressed. In this endeavor, Treasury always look to improve their current cyber security processes. ISC is currently supporting Northrop Grumman there by performing technical research to use Splunk COTS product. We are building a proof of concept prototype using Splunk to enhance their current Hadoop environment. We are also conducting cost benefit and cost estimation analysis to implement Splunk and Hadoop solution.

For the past 2 years, ISC supported Northrop Grumman in building an enterprise level Continuous Monitoring Automation (CMA) tool to help OCIO continuous monitor departmental security postures and the bureaus' ability to detect and mitigate threats in their early stages. We supported Northrop Grumman from the initial architecture phase to design, code, and testing. During the design phase, we built three different prototypes using various languages, tools and algorithms to conduct stress testing since Ttreasury deals with very large data sets. After choosing the best solution, we built a system that performs extracts, transforms, and loads (ETL) each bureaus' security tool data such as asset, vulnerability, patch, and configuration. Once the data is loaded, we built web-based dashboards that displayed individual departmental data as well as aggregated summary reports for the OCIO office.