What makes us the best choice

We listen, we discuss, we design & develop. We love what we do!


We are woman-owned company, incorporated in 1997. We build lasting relationships with our customers. We provide modern technology and cost saving stream-lined processes to improve productivity.

Why Us?

We have proven track record
Even though a small company, Innovative Solutions Consulting, Inc. (ISC) has been long-time partners and integral to the success of our partner prime contractors and government clients. Each of our customers are still current and have been for over ten years running either with the same prime contractor or same government client (with changing primes) or both. The key to our success lies in the extensive skills and experience of our staff. Each and every one of our senior staff has 30 years plus with information technology and the federal government. Additionally, our skills and experience run the gamut from low-level programming to high-level program management and include day-to-day technical support, application programming, automated tools, enterprise architecture, Oracle-based systems and web-based applications.
We listen, we discuss, we develop

Once contract is awarded to us, we always start with kick off meeting where we listen to our clients to understand their task orders and requirements. During the requirement phase, we conduct user interviews with all actors and generate requirements document that includes use case diagrams and requirements matrix. At the end of the requirement phase, we have gate review where all documents are discussed and reviewed by Change Contraol Board and Quality Assurance group.

Design, code, testing, and release phase is done in incremental iterative steps that include gateway reviews and rapid prototyping where needed. During the initial design phase, we examine best implementation strategy that includes software development kit (SDK), design trade offs, and programming languages. During the design phase, we use peer reviews to validate the design and present the prototype and design documents in CM meeting so that IV&V team can start producing test plans. All coding is done using SDK, tracked with CM versioning and automatic release management tools to help shorten the coding and software release phase. We always re-use existing sharable code such as ones stored in GitHub as much as possible to reduce coding cost.

We support full system lifecycle from requirements to coding and testing

ISC provides systems and software engineering from requirement analysis, design, coding, and testing using agile methodology. During each phase of systems/software lifecycle, integrated COTS enterprise modeling tools is used to capture business process and automatically generate appropriate documentation to help achieve CMMI level 5. Following the iterative agile methodology, during the planning and estimating the work phase of systems lifecycle, ISC conducts a brief overview of current system environment and business processes.

We are passionate about software development and we love to learn new technology. We stay current by going to trade shows, reading, and taking classes. We like to download demo software and test them out.

We can help customers build traditional RDBMS applications using Oracle, Mysql, SqlServer, or any other RDBMS tools. We can also help customers build NoSQL databases or document store systems using Hadoop/Hbase or MongoDB. We can build web applcation using Java SOAP Web Services, PHP Zend framework, or Python Django framework.

We build SOA-based Architecuture using agile methodology

ISC has experience building new system architecture and infrastructure by using agile service oriented methodology. While building web services, we use loose coupling principle of separating application and technology through services. We have experience in building separate services to capture these layers:

• Business process layer
• Business service layer
• Application layer
• Technology layer

At each layer, to ensure agility, we use abstraction to:

• Remove implementation specific references from the service.
• Hide data or behavior in the implementation that is specific only to the internal working of the implementation
• Transform data types that are specific to the implementation technology
• Hide object behavior.

We will use open source code as much as possible and when creating new services we will ensure services are generalized for reuse and follow domain standards.

ISC has experience in building following WEB FRAMEWORKS:

• Java Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web framework
• Javascript framework such as node.js, and AngularJS
• PHP framework such as Zend
• Python framework such as Django

Offering cost-effective, professional services

Our team has extensive experience in the professional services industry; experience that we apply to every project we support; always looking for stream-lined cost-effective solutions integrating with latest technology.

Our philosophy is to re-use code as much as possible to reduce coding cost to our clients. We are aware of latest COTS, GOTS, and off the self open source codes and we try to incorporate them when they meet our client's requirements without having to tailor too much. We have extensive experience in conducting trade off analysis using cost estimation and cost benefit model such as Return on Investment. When a new software has to be developed, we use proven methodologies and automation tools to shorten the coding and release cycle with future software maintenance and robustness in mind.